Effectively present/visualize the data given in the spreadsheet


Create a good chart to effectively present/visualize the data given in the spreadsheet languageData.xlsx download, the top 10 most spoken languages worldwide. The data are shown in alphabetical order by language. You can re-arrange the data as needed.

1. You may use Excel or another tool of your choice to create your chart(s). Some free interesting online data visualization tools can be found at this webpage (Links to an external site.). (7 points) When you create the chart, you must apply the Tufte’s rules.

2. Submit the chart(s) your create in a file.

  • If you created it in Excel, submit the Excel file.
  • If you create it using an online tool, you need to take a screenshot of the chart(s) you create, save it in a Word file, and include the name of the online tool and URL to the chart(s) in the Word file.
  • No matter which tool you use, you need to include an explanation on how you apply the Tufte’s rules in the corresponding file. (3 points)