Creating a website or an application

I need to create a website or an apllication for my project. The first point mentioned below should be done by 24th Jan. I have attached the sample Project-Charter-Template along with this question. 

 1)You might either use a software /tool that you are familiar with or you will to learn a software or tool as you are building this project) Most common projects are e-Commerce sites, mobile applications or Windows Applications, but it may not be limited to these ideas.  

2) Create a detailed project plan (Gantt Chart) in MS-Project 2016 that shows all tasks and subtasks along  with time-lines. The software has templates on Software Development Plan as well as many other plans. 

3)  Submit your database design with the E-R Diagram (Crow’s Foot Notation)

4)  Your final documentation will contain detailed information about all pertaining information from the provided sample – Updated Project charter, updated project plan providing completed tasks, accomplished design work of all tasks up to the design phase with screen-shots.