Using the results of assessment


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The purpose of assessment is to improve the teaching and learning process and to establish accountability, that is, to provide evidence that we are accomplishing what we claim to be accomplishing—educating students (or trainees). you were introduced to the process of evaluation of that data in order to use “assessment information to make an informed judgment” (Suskie, 2018, p. 12). Using and citing the readings, what strategies will you propose in your Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan? Limit your recommendations to 5–7 strategies. Distinguish whether the strategies you propose address one or more of the following:

  1. Improvements to the assessment process itself (including the appropriateness of the learning goal statements).
  2. Improvements to the teaching, learning, or training process. (Use caution here; just one set of assessment data is not necessarily sufficient to determine what changes might be appropriate.)
  3. Improvements to the action plan of strategies to develop the assessment effort before or during its implementation (recall your work in Unit 6).
  4. Improvements to involving stakeholders more effectively.
  5. Improvements to the means of interpreting and using the assessment data.
  6. Other factors that you see as important for improvement and accountability.

Provide citations from the readings for the information that you use in your post.  Tip: You might want to use bullet points or a list format for some or all of this component instead of fully developed paragraphs.