System analysis and design | Education homework help


Task 1, explain in detail the concept of System Engineering with advantages and disadvantages. Task 2, explain in detail the System Development Life Cycle, Waterfall life cycle, RAD, and Incremental life cycle. Identify what happens in each stage for each type of life cycle. Explain methods, benefits, and limitations for each life cycle. Task 3, produce a feasibility study for the grand hotel, describe the technical risks factors while designing a computerized system for the grand hotel. What will be the operational impact on the hotel in relation to the implementation of a proposed computerized system? Using a spreadsheet, Produce the cost-benefit analysis of the proposed new computerized system. Identify the benefits of the new system. Calculate the estimated cost of the proposed computerized system for the hotel. Task 4, explain the importance of Project management techniques, with an example of a Gantt chart to minimize risks. Write about the importance of project documentation including Gantt chart, feasibility reports, and system design documents. Identify and describe why the role of the project manager is important to manage the project efficiently. See attached pictures of the hotel scenario, also assignments tasks.