For zeek!: critical assignment- the state of education in america

1)This paper will contain a summary and synopsis of your learning from this course. **USE TEXTBOOK FOR SOURCES**

2)Follow the rubric dimensions (*attached*) for what content to write: Historical Connections, Foundation of Education and Current Issues, the Future of Education. Aim for the exemplary column description on the attached rubric for each dimension in your paper. Follow the rubric attached for further instructions on what content to write. 

3)The paper will be 10 – 12  pages in APA format.

*This is the Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course*

Textbook chapters to gather information for the paper and to cite from include:

-The Teaching Profession ① pgs. 1-27

-The Historical Foundations Of Education ② pg. 28-55 & ③pg. 56-79

-Philosopical Foundations Of Education ④ pgs. 80-105 & ⑤ pgs. 106-143

-Sociological Foundations Of Education ⑥ pgs. 144-171, and ⑦ pgs. 172-203

-Sociological Foundations Of Education ⑧ pgs. 204-229, & Governance And Organization Foundations Of Education ⑨ pgs. 230-265

-Legal And Curricular Foundations Of Education ⑩ pgs. 266 – 303 & ⑪ pgs. 304-343

-Curricular Foundations Of Education ⑫ pps. 344-381, & ⑬ pps. 382-409.

You may also use the text Finding Common Ground for information and to use as a source linked here: 

If that link doesn’t work try this one: