Experience a: creating a collaborative environment


Part 1: Observation and Interview

For this field experience, you will observe a K-8 class. Coordinate   with your mentor teacher to determine the best time to observe before   and during a group learning activity. As you observe, consider the   following questions:

  • How would you describe the environment of the classroom,     including organization, materials, seating arrangement, visual aids,   etc.?
  • How does the teacher create an environment conducive to     group learning activities?
  • How did the teacher prepare     students for group learning activities? How were expectations   communicated?
  • What student behavioral situations did you     observe during group learning activities?
  • How did the     teacher deal with behavioral situations during group learning   activities?
  • If no behavioral situations were observed, what     strategies did the teacher employ to prevent them?

Following your observation, outside of classroom hours, discuss with   your mentor teacher the classroom management and group learning   techniques implemented in his or her classroom. Below is a list of   questions to address:

  • How did you develop your classroom management plan? Is it   written?
  • Were you able to choose your own classroom     management model and behavior management system?
  • Were you     able to accommodate your personal philosophies with the     school’s initiatives?
  • What are you doing visually and     systematically in the classroom to support classroom   management?
  • How do you create an environment conducive to     group learning activities?
  • How do you deal with behavioral     situations during group learning activities?
  • How do you set     the expectations for group learning activities?
  • What     strategies are the most beneficial when managing group learning   activities?

Part 2: Summary and Reflection

In 500-750 words, summarize your observations of the group   activities and your interview with your mentor teacher. Explain how   you will use your findings in your future professional practice.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning   the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.