Educational psychology theorists table and report


You may find information in your book or use other academic sources to complete the table. You must provide references (so a reference page is required) and provide accurate citations using APA 6th edition. You will type directly in the table for this part using Times New Roman 12in font. DO NOT BOLD THE TEXT. It is important that you write your responses using correct grammar and punctuation. You may use short phrases and short sentences in the table, remember being accurate and thorough is more important than length,

PART II: You will be required to describe components of 2-3 theories that best align with your thoughts about teaching and learning and justify your responses. This paper should be included at the end of the template.  I have changed the orientation of the paper where you should start this APA report.  It should be NO MORE than a page, not including the reference page. Remember, these theories are not your original ideas, so I expect to see citations (either paraphrasing or direct quotes, but see the APA video, too many direct quotes is not good).