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Do the following: 

Based on the video and link:  https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-carnage-and-chaos-of-childish-gambinos-this-is-america?mbid=social_facebook 


Hip Hop is an American art form that is still relatively young compared to other styles we’ve studied so far. Now that you’ve learned the sociopolitical history of hip hop music as well as the birth of hip hop dance through street parties, it is time to articulate in your own opinion why this art form has such a powerful yet controversial reputation. 

Based off of the above article and the previous lesson on Hip Hop Culture and Art, answer the following prompts in this discussion with a paragraph for each prompt (5-7 sentences):

Based on your knowledge of why and how hip hop music and culture started, do you believe it has been an effective social tool in bringing groups of people together in peace and solidarity? Why or why not? What changes need to be made if you answered no?

Do you believe hip hop has been portrayed accurately in the media? Why or why not?