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  • Chapter 6 discusses the value of interdisciplinary studies in terms of curriculum planning and improvement. Search for the latest research on interdisciplinary studies and see if you can find articles or research studies on how schools and/or school districts have tried to implement this concept. 
    • Do you feel that interdisciplinary studies are practical in today’s schools, especially with the emphasis on state testing? 
    • Given your answer from last week, do you think that your subject and grade would be a good candidate to include in a new, interdisciplinary unit? Why or why not?  
    • Explain your reasoning to these two questions and post at least 1 article from the past 2 years that supports your answer. 
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates.  
    • Determine at least 2 ways to overcome the issues that your classmate posted.  
    • Support your reasoning with at least one quality article from the past year.
  • Peer Response


An interdisciplinary study is an approach to education that incorporates knowledge and skills from multiple areas of learning. For instance, in childhood education, its primary purpose is to improve the critical thinking skills of students. Also, many undergraduate and graduate level programs also use interdisciplinary approaches to support the research interests of students. Interdisciplinary studies are practical in today’s schools it helps student connect the dots in learning with can be essential to test taking. Students who learn in interdisciplinary courses can learn creative solutions to some of today’s most challenging problems. Students also become interdisciplinary thinkers who analytically and creatively embraces new ideas by developing collaboration skills while working with others who have different perspectives.

Interdisciplinary courses would be essential to helping third graders reading scores; students are prone to learn more when they enjoy a topic. Adding different learning disciplines to a lesson allows students to understand better the material presented as well as it could trigger student’s interest and desire to learn and pay attention in the course.