Assessment for reading instruction 1


You will create an informative parent brochure that is appropriate for your educational setting. The brochure must include the following:

  • A general definition of reading assessment.
  • Explanation of RTI.
  • Explanation of assessment of emergent, beginning, and developing readers.
  • Parent tips that can be used at home.
  • Graphics

Please keep in mind that this is a parent brochure. Try to leave educational jargon out of the brochure as not to leave the parents with more questions than when they began reading the brochure. If you do include educational jargon make sure it is explained clearly. “Parent-Friendly” brochure is the key. Also, make sure that the brochure is not too “wordy”. I have seen brochures that read like mini-books. You do not want to overwhelm parents. Give them the information as clear and concise as possible.  

The brochure must be a Tri-fold, not a bi-fold. This means front AND back. There is a template in Microsoft word for brochures.