Appeal letter – 12 hours | unknown | Ashford University



Hello, I need help with an appeal. I am going to provide some information but below are the 3 questions that are asked on the actual appeal page: Each section’s response should be a minimum of 250 words.

Provide a reasonable explanation for your academic performance to date and include mitigating circumstances: 

Detail a plan of action indicating how you will improve your academic standing if approved to return to the University: 

Provide compelling evidence that you have the ability to succeed in an academic program: *

Additional Important Information:

You may submit your appeal through the portal and the Student Records Coordinator will gather your academic history for submission to the University Registrar for review. This letter is to be professionally written in a Word document. Please indicate the reasoning for not maintaining a 3.0 GPA and your detailed plan of action if in fact you are granted a second-period of probation. If you have any documentation of events that prevented you from maintaining satisfactory academic progress, it is suggested that you attach that to your letter.  I strongly recommend reviewing your letter to include proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

· What happened that caused the dismissal situation?

· What’s changed in your life that makes this a better time to be in school?

· Why will it work this time? add a short detailed outline of what you will do to make sure your GPA improves


I had been experiencing migraines days to a week at a time several times a month. I am now on medication for my migraines, so I can better control them. Also, I have bad symptoms that are a part of migraines.

My rent was increased a great deal by at least $150 so I couldn’t afford and had to move suddenly. I had to move in with someone.

The stressors that come along with life obstacles. Lack of sleep, stress, failure.