Write 1 question you have about the article /and reply to the 2

This 35 page article will serve as our hyper efficient historical guide, as well as introduce and define the various ‘______ Educations’ that we will encounter in future readings. This is one of the only articles/dense readings we will have this semester, I promise. 

These terms: Outdoor Education, Experiential Education, Adventure Education, Environment Education, Challenge Education, High Ropes Education, combinations of all of the above, and many more will be found in nearly all our future readings.

This reading is heavy on content but presents it in a focused, albeit simplified, format. All of the information contained herein is important and relevant. Please ‘actively read’ by taking notes and making annotations. You are always encourage to use google regarding unrecognized words and concepts that might be beneficial for proper reading comprehension.

After reading, please post one (1) question you have about the article in this discussion thread. You can post by clicking ‘reply’ below.

Additionally, please answer two (2) of your classmates questions, by clicking ‘reply’ below their posted question. Answers should be at least one paragraph in length. You are also encouraged to reference and link outside readings, articles and resources in your answers to your peers!

I hope this article will launch tons of questions, and lots of good self-guided-exploration topics for you to study! Please tailor your question, and your answers to your own areas/fields/topics of interest as you ENGAGE and INTERACT with the article and other online resources at your disposal.