Week 4 peer response 2 | GEN 104: College Reading Strategies | Ashford University


  • Review the materials my peer noted that would be challenging and share strategies you feel will help them.
  • Your responses should be at least 100 words.


 I am currently pursuing my BA in Healthcare Administration to augment my Associates’ Degree in Coding and Billing. I encountered a number of reading sources in my first degree and I anticipate encountering the same type of reading in this degree path, textbooks and journal articles being the most prevalent. 

  After looking through the research guides for Healthcare, Library Research, Business, and Information technology. I was surprised by how many different sources and types of sources there are for research materials. In addition to textbooks and journal articles, I found eBooks, organizations, and associations, government sites, and links to data and statics just to name a few.  

  The diversity of the sources I found made me realize that I will have to adjust my methods of reading somewhat. Normally I do all of my reading using the PSR method or Preview, Study read, and Review for critical reading. After looking at the research guides and knowing how much trouble I have with some types of reading, I will have to approach some of the reading differently such as breaking it down into paragraphs and summarizing or possibly adding the SQ3R method to get the most out of the reading I may be required to do. I can see where this go-round in college reading is going to present some different challenges to me.