Week 3 discussion forum 1 | GEN 104: College Reading Strategies | Ashford University

 It’s common to want to rush through reading for many reasons. However, reading for your courses is meant to be more involved.


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review the following:


Think about the resources above and how you might (or might not) apply the information when you read for your courses.


In at least 200 words,

  • Describe your thoughts on slow and deep reading. Provide a brief summary of the information and explain your understanding of slow and deep reading.
  • Explain what makes sense about these concepts and what is confusing.
  • Discuss which parts are practical for you and which parts you aren’t likely to use. Be sure to explain why.
  • Assess how well you feel you can read slowly and deeply and how these types of reading might impact your coursework.