Unit 4 group project change strategy


This assignment is a Group Project and requires the group to complete the M.Ed. Group Project Charter as the first step. Please contact your faculty member if you have any questions regarding this requirement.

There are unsubstantiated rumors that your employees want to organize a union in your for-profit school. This will represent a major change for your organization’s culture. As the leader of this organization, you know the stockholders are against unions. However, you have seen the benefits that unions might provide.

As a group, create a PowerPoint Presentation for your Board of Directors that includes the following (at a minimum):

  • Complete the M.Ed. Group Project Charter Requirements before moving forward with the assignment. The entire group is responsible for the review and completion of the M.Ed. Group Project Charter requirements. The Group Charter can be found here
  • Create a strategy to address the problems and/or opportunities associated with working with a union or a union contract. Include the legal implications.
  • Compare and contrast the costs of organizing a union with the costs of not having a union for your school, including the costs of possible additional benefits that unions represent.
  • Identify the changes that a union would have on the organization.
  • Explain how a union will affect all stakeholders.
  • Create a contingency plan for working with employees as they continue to organize.
  • Create a contingency plan for working with employees should the board and stockholders decide not to accept actions to unionize.
  • Create a communication plan for working with employees should the board and stockholders decide not to accept actions to unionize.
  • Give your final recommendation to the Board.

Each group participant must contribute at least 5–7 slides toward the group project. Include the complete script of the training presentation in the Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. Support your decisions and analysis.

Individually, contribute significantly to the M.Ed. Group Project Charter, participate in the Small Group Discussion Board to plan the project and create at least 5–6 content slides with notes. 

Please add your file.