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You must research social work literature regarding the type of social work/social welfare area you have selected to study. For this area of your paper, you must research at least three (3) peer reviewed journal articles or book chapters. This paper should be at least 3 full pages in length.
The use of critical analysis thinking is expected. Critical analysis means that you do not write down what someone else has said. That is plagiarism. Rather critical analysis means that you read, you think about what you have read, and then in your own words you analyze the significance or importance of the themes in the article, chapter or book.

Here are details about your review:

1. You need to address historical and background information about the development of this area in social work and social welfare services.
2. Your report must also address some of the social problems or social needs that this area of social work and social welfare seeks to address. You may also want to consider any controversial issues within this area of social work or social welfare.
3. You must use APA citations in your paper. You must provide a reference list at the end of your review which cites the literature you used for your research. These citations must be presented in the correct APA style format*. The APA Publication Manual demonstrates the way that you must provide citations for any source including books, chapters, articles, websites, newspaper articles, etc.