Persuasive essay – 600 words – due in 48 hours


Using social media has become a way of life. We can now easily connect with old friends, keep in touch with people across the world, and even form relationships with people we may never meet face-to-face. Types of relationships include membership in a social group, intimate relationships, professional relationships, or dysfunctional relationships.


 As we all rely more and more on the Internet, including buying, selling, blogging, banking, chatting, emailing, and paying bills, we are increasingly exposed to the dangers of identity theft, cyber bullies, sexual predators, and many other kinds of corruption. How can we protect ourselves in this new electronic era? What precautions should we take now and in the future to keep ourselves safe—both physically and emotionally?

Instructions: Now, write an essay discussing the role of the Internet in our lives at present and then forecasting its role over the next five years, arguing for or against its potential to help us progress as a society. 

Now, write a 600-word persuasive essay in which you take a stand on this issue. Do not use such phrases as “I think, I feel, I believe.” Do not use 2nd person pronouns (you, your, yourself), and do not use contractions (can’t, don’t, haven’t, hasn’t). You may document references to your sources by paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting, and synthesizing.  However, I am only requiring that you use at least one source for this particular assignment. See the MLA style of documentation

Your grade will be based upon the thoroughness, accuracy, and insightful responses; also, your use of correct spelling, grammar, and correct sentence and paragraph format will be evaluated (ALWAYS spell check your responses), and/or use of outside sources.

In the heading of your paper include your name, date, course, and title of the assignment to the left of your margin. Type your assignment in a Word document. Indent each paragraph, double space, 12-inch font, times new roman style.