Movie review | Education homework help

Select a movie that pertains to a disability and then write a 2 -3 page review using the questions below as your guide.



List of main character/s

The review is be written in a narrative style – APA format – double space- 12 pt font – Times New Roman.

Take each question below and it will be the header for your paragraph/s. Type the question and then answer it. Be as reflective as possible. Really focus on the character with the exceptionality. Reference your text when discussing the disability. If using direct quotes, put it in quotation marks.


1. Why did you choose this movie?

2. Were the people with disabilities portrayed in a positive or negative light? In what ways?

3. Was the depiction of the disability accurate? Why or why not?  You may need to read ahead in your text about the disability to give you background information.

4. Do you believe that people, having watched this film, will come away with a better understanding of the disability in question? Why or why not?