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[10:19 PM, 4/11/2021] Writing M: Students are required to write a paper with no less than 2500

words with regards to a selected aspect of youth issue.

• You will need to make use at least two course readings in your

paper. More information will be provided in a separate session.

[10:19 PM, 4/11/2021] Writing M: Students can choose to write:

1. a research paper of your own choice;

2. a reflective paper that links your personal living environment

in the past, present and future;

3. a reflective paper that engages with the guest lecture(s)

[10:19 PM, 4/11/2021] Writing M: be careful for the requirements

[10:19 PM, 4/11/2021] Writing M: Essay-lun02

2500 words

Please choose topic 1 to complete

13-April deadline