Journal article report | Education homework help

Course: Intro of Health Care Organization

Prepare and submit one journal article review relevant to course subject matter. You may choose any journal topic that is of interest to you, but relative to the content presented in this course. 

Journal article reports should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, with no grammar or spelling errors. The article should be no more than two-pages, plus one reference page. 


 Journal name, volume number, pages, title of the article and author(s) o Example: New England Journal of Medicine, Vol.43, No. 2, pages 23-27, Obesity Interventions, McWilliams, A. and Wright, P. 

 One paragraph abstract, summarizing the article 

 Brief discussion of the research and/or concepts described in the article 

 Conclusions and recommendations 

 Your position on the article, why, and how it can be applied to practice in healthcare administration 


Articles must be peer reviewed articles no older than 5 years old. To search for articles I would recommend using: 

 JSU Library (online) 

 Google Scholar 

In each of these you can add keywords and filter the articles by date.