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Visit the World Bank Engaging Citizens For Better Development Results in the Module by downloading the file or by visiting the link.  Specifically, read pages 40- 49 ‘Engaging for Results’. Obviously you are welcome to read the entire document, it’s very interesting, but for this assignment, you will review the’ Engaging for Results’ section. Give an overview of the information you read, discuss the importance of citizen engagement and public health, and the role a health educator plays in the citizen engagement process. Now investigate the World Bank Group, what they do and how they improve public health and discuss opportunities for health educators to work with the World Bank Group, specifically positions you find fascinating. 

Your paper should be 2- 3 pages in length, double-spaced, and in APA 7th edition format. You will include the primary NCHEC Area of Responsibility and Competency you are addressing in this assignment as a title on the first page of your document.