Foundations of education | Education homework help


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Identify 2 or more events that you believe are pivotal in the evolution of the American education system. Choose 1 or more events from the colonial period through 1945 and 1 or more events from the modern era into the 21st century. Explain the significance of these events and provide a rationale to support your answer.
  • In your own words, define “philosophy.” Choose 2 of the 5 modern philosophical orientations to teaching that you’re interested in examining further. Explain these orientations and point to evidence of their influence and application in the classroom.
  • What might be your classroom approach? Focus on your role, the student role, and curriculum. Explain and provide specific examples to support your response.

Review the College’s Conceptual Framework.

  • How does this topic link to the College’s Conceptual Framework and the framework’s philosophical relationship to effective teacher preparation?