Family interview assignment: | The child, family,school and community

nterview someone in your family (or someone you are close to) who is at least one or more generations older than yourself.  A generation is considered at least a 20 years difference in age.  Discover and document: When and where did they grow up?  What child rearing practices, parenting styles, and values did they experience as a child?  How do their experiences differ from what is common and expected in society today?  How did their experiences differ from what you experienced as a child?  Make sure that you include where and when the interview took place.  Please prepare a well-written and spell checked double-spaced paper of at least three pages. 

All work must be typed.  Use double spacing, black ink, one inch margins and 12 point type face for the narrative in your papers.  Use spell check and proof read your work carefully.  When you use material from the text or another source, you must remember to cite appropriately using APA format. Points will be deducted for not following these directions. 

To cite and reference the Text book in APA, please use the following:

Ferguson, S.B. (2016). The child, family, school, and community: A developmental perspective. Retrieved from