Discussion due in 16 hours – 300 words | nursing | California State University, Fullerton


Demands for patient safety, reimbursement changes with healthcare reform, technological advances, and the changing roles of healthcare providers require that budgets be constructed as accurately as possible and for nurse managers to understand financial applications,” (Dunham-Taylor & Pinczuk, 2015).


Research one factor contributing to rising health care costs. 

1. Why is this particular factor driving up the cost of health care?

2. How will you, as a nursing leader, have the ability to impact the cost of health care delivery?

Be concise (limit your post to 300 words) and specific in your response and ensure that your answers show analysis and synthesis of information as well as critical thinking that relates to this week’s discussion topic. Support your response in APA format with evidence from recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (preferably nursing journals). (“Recent” is less than five years old. Your textbook is not a journal.) Your response must be typed directly into the discussion thread and include citation of sources (in text and reference list – APA format). No files can be uploaded.