Classroom management discussion | Education homework help

1st Response

Providing a Safe and Orderly Environment in the classroom is very important.  I believe I would be most effective in the area of management.  By allowing the students to be involved in setting the classroom rules they are more inclined to obey the rules set forth.  This shows ownership and enhances  students self esteem and self concept.  Students needs to feel safe in the learning environment.  It is conducive to learning.  Many students comes from various types of homes.

Often times the learning environment is the only place were they feel loved and safe.  It gives a sense of security.  As an educator, that’s why it is so important to be a positive role model.  Not only by displaying appropriate behaviors in the classroom as well.

Student/ Teacher Relationship The Relationship between an educator and their students is very important.  Their much be open lines of communication.  Educators should not treat their students as their friend but as student.   Respect is essential in order for learning to take placed.  

Personally, I need guidance on  ways of arranging sitting arrangements within the classroom.  Learning which students to group together is the key to providing discipline.

2nd Response


What are the most effective things I can do to prevent or reduce the likelihood of misbehavior? 

I feel really confident about these fundamental questions only because since working in the school system for the past six months I have come to realize that students act out because of a multitude of things. As a teacher, it is your job to realize why each child acts out and remember exactly why it happens because I am more than certain you will see that same behavior again.  Like the lecture said it is important that you the educator identify the problem and zoom in.  Fortunately, through experience, I can detect a misbehavior issue coming which can help take the correct steps to help address the problem before it gets serious. I find things like extrinsic motivation or pulling students aside and reaching out from a personal level has always helped prevent a big misbehavior outbreak. 

Why kind of behaviors should I expect of students? 

This is the one question I definitely feel like I would struggle with the most because there is a lot of things that are unknown. For example, if I have not known Johnny for so long and I’m still getting to know him I’m not really sure how he is going to act out. Every student is different and no one can really be sure what to expect of students. All you can do is recall how you have used past experiences to approach each misbehavior. 

Stay calm and take it one step at a time understand that you are in control of the situation no matter what happens.