Assignment w-6 507 | Education homework help

This assignment has 2 parts:


TOPIC of the assessment( Increasing on-task behavior during distance learning time in gifted students with ADHD at elementary level).

Part 1-The development/creation of a needs assessment instrument.(I attached a sample of a needs assessment and there are to links with videos to help you understand what a NEEDS ASSESSMENT is)

Check these videos for more information: (Natalie Swope, SF Education Fund’s Teacher Action Research) Action Research

Part 2-A brief (1-2 paragraphs) description of the rationale for its creation.  This part of the assignment should address the following:

·  factor(s) that informed your choice for the specific design of your needs-assessment instrument(s)

·  reasons for choosing your specific design over other possible instruments

·  a prediction of your anticipated findings

·  a brief description of the process that led to the creation of your needs assessment instrument(s).

·  the instrument that will be used to collect data on the issue you will be trying to resolve in the classroom.

Need 2 pages, 1 for the needs assessment and 1 for the 2 paragraphs rationale.

APA 6th, add references and citations. 

Let me know if you have questions.