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2D homework (10%) Scenario The college student radio station is looking for new collaborators. A friend of yours hosts a current affairs program there on Tuesday noon in front of the public. She knows that you enjoy new challenges and that you are currently working to hone your communication skills. So she asks you to collaborate on her show. Each month you will be expected to introduce a hot topic in a short five-minute speech. The task requires rigor and professionalism. Your intervention, which could be compared to an oral presentation, must remain informative. Thus, you will need to make sure you present your topic succinctly and clearly. Five minutes to deal effectively with a hot topic is very short! The show crew has been very clear with you that your intervention should briefly and objectively present a topical issue resulting from rigorous research. With the show crew, you discuss topics that you might cover in your first talk. At the end of the meeting, your mandate is unequivocal: you must prepare a short oral presentation on one of the following three topics: §Technology in the service of competitive sports§The increase in prescription drugs in Western societies§ Science at the service of forensic investigations You are now in the exploratory phase. You leaf through the newspapers, surf the Net. You are on the lookout. What topic could interest the audience more? All of the topics are interesting, but can they be presented effectively in a five-minute radio talk? Do you have sufficiently rich documentation to prepare your intervention? How do you make sure that the chosen topic interests the students present in the agora? Collaborating on a radio show is no easy task! Before you find yourself in front of a microphone, you notice that preparing a communication is a very important step and you decide to submit to it resolutely in order to get off on the right foot. Task to be carried out In order to subsequently present an informative oral presentation of 5 minutes (± 30 seconds), you must first describe the communication situation, carry out preliminary research on the proposed subjects and define the subject of the communication; then you need to research information on your topic, set a communication goal and justify it. Step 1: Description of the communication situation A. Describe the communication situation by completing the Jakobson diagram. Referent Sender Message To be determined in assignment 3 Receiver Channel Code Step 2: Exploration of the subjects proposed by a preliminary research B. Three topics related to your study program have been submitted to you. To arrive at the choice of a subject: 1. Do a preliminary research on each of them in Eureka, in Benchmark or on the Internet. 2. On each topic, select two articles from credible and verifiable sources. 3. Read articles selectively. 4. Concisely write down the ideas announced in their introduction. 5. Note the complete reference of each article by following the model proposed in the Learning Book. TopicSelected articlesTechnology in the service of competitive sports Complete reference: Ideas advertised: Complete reference: Ideas advertised: The rise in drug prescriptions in Western societies Complete reference: Ideas advertised: Complete reference: Ideas advertised: Science in the service of forensic investigations Complete: Ideas advertised: Complete reference: Ideas advertised: Step 3: Definition of communication subject C. Based on the results of your preliminary research, select the topic on which your presentation will focus. ….. Selected topic: D. Define your topic and justify this choice using the selection criteria of a topic …… Delimited topic: ….. Justification: Step 4: Search d informationE. Using the Eureka and Repère databases or the Internet, carry out a more in-depth information search in order to constitute a research dossier comprising at least eight pages on the subject [1]. To select your articles wisely, use the “Information Qualities Checklist” provided to you in the Learning Workbook. F. Clearly identify the source of the articles by entering, in the table below, the complete reference according to the model proposed in the Learning Book. G. Copy and paste the articles into the annex at the end of the assignment. Step 5: Analyze the information H. Made