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Week 4 Research Assignment

GlobeThis week, your project consists of finding at least two different current-news articles related to the country you selected. The articles have to be no older than three months and must be related to the economy of the country.

Explain how your articles are consistent with your own findings. You need to relate the articles to any of the concepts discussed during the previous weeks: GDP, inflation rates, unemployment, government monetary policies (money supply, exchange rates) or fiscal policies (taxes, government spending), international trade (trade balance, exchange rates), production, economic growth, etc.

Your articles articles MUST be from a news source.  They cannot be from a blog, professional journal, dictionary, data site, or encyclopedia (that includes Wikipedia).

You should try finding news from any public newspaper, magazine, TV station or their websites; such as,,,,,, etc. You can also use similar international websites, such as Reuters, BBC, France24, etc.  Your best source for news reports may well be from news sites in your country.  Just keep in mind that not all countries have a free press.Each week your assignment must be in a report format as a Word document attachment, so remember to use paragraphs and a report structure.
Expectations for the research assignments: 1) Respond to all week’s topics and sub-topics; 2) Cite (APA style) all the information presented, not just direct quotes;  3) Reference (APA) style) the sources at the end;4) Use proper paragraphing; and,5) Present the information in a clear and professional fashion.

  1. Your research paper this week should be between 350 and 500 words. Shorter submissions will be penalized. Longer assignments are acceptable only if the extra words add substance to your report. At the bottom of your assignment, you should include a word count (how many words are in your post).
  2. Structure your paper as a report. Do use multiple paragraphs. Attach your report as a Word document.
  3. You must cite all the information used in your report and include the sources in your reference listing. Use APA format for citations and references – see the APA Powerpoint linked below.
  4. Remember: you should not “copy and paste” information.  Plagiarism  is penalized with a zero in the assignment the first time, and a zero in the course the second time. Use your own words and quote only facts or numbers) 
  5. Remember to include citations to your sources in the body of your paper and to provide the references at the end of your paper. Where possible, please make the links to any web information clickable links. Remember the references and links must be to the article you used, not just to the web site. Be sure to include the full URL, otherwise your link will not be clickable.

—————————If you have any questions or concerns, email me.
Your submission this week must be at least 350-500 words long, so you can receive full credit.  Important: type, or copy and paste, into the box.  Do not attach documents.The detailed instructions are posted above.  Remember you can not change countries once you have selected one.  Citations and references are required and they must be in APA style (  Apa.pptx ).