Trying to finish history essay about 3-4 pages about northeast


Please answer the following question in a 3-4page essay (double spaced). The essay must start with a clear thesis statement, be well organized, spell-checked and edited for correct grammar. You will lose points for poor writing and organization.

Question: Describe the nature of cultural interaction and trade in ONE of the following regions:

The Silk Roads connecting China, India and Central Asia

The Indian Ocean connecting India, Southeast Asia, and China

Northeast Asia between China, Korea, and Japan

Your answer should include discussion of ALL THREE of these topics: (1) How the interaction took place, ie, through trade, pilgrimage, religious missionaries, state emissaries, merchant communities, individual travelers, official adoption of foreign ideas, products or institutions. (2) What was transmitted, traded, borrowed, adopted, exchanged, ie, religious ideas, ethical values, art, writing, architecture, social customs, law, technology, goods etc). (3) What effects the interaction had on the civilizations that participated in it and why the interaction was important. Your answer MUSTinclude specific historical examples from the course readings and lectures.

In addition to the readings we have discussed in class, you may use the following readings that are on the electronic reserve for the class. You may also use images from the lecture powerpoint presentations in your analysis. You will lose points for failing to use examples from these class readings and images with citations (internal references are fine.)