His 206 week 2 quiz – all questions answered correctly – best

Week Two Quiz

Complete the quiz on the assigned readings for the week.


Question 1.A U.S. naval base was established at __________ in 1887 as a stepping stone to Asian markets.

  •   Kona Kilauea   
  •   Pearl Harbor   
  •   Midway   
  •   Manila 

Question 2.While in many ways the end of the war brought welcome relief, in others it created several new and significant problems. Which disease in 1919 killed more people in 24 weeks than did AIDS in a period of 24 years? 

  •   Polio   
  •   Malaria   
  •   Tuberculosis   
  •   Spanish flu   

Question 3.By the mid-19th century, the dominant colonial power was __________.    

  •   Portugal   
  •   France   
  •   Britain   
  •   Spain   

Question 4.Rose Rosenfeld Freedman is most associated with fighting for

  •   the unionization of miners.   
  •   women’s suffrage.   
  •   workers’ safety.   
  •   urban reforms.

Question 5.Opponents to America’s annexation of __________ cited a variety of objections, including ideals about liberty, economic costs, and racist fears of cultural blending. 

  •   Guam   
  •   Cuba   
  •   Puerto Rico   
  •   the Philippines

Question 6.Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the yellow journalism genre? 

  •   sensational stories with lurid images   
  •   experimental page layouts   
  •   disinterest in using anonymous sources   
  •   self-promotion for the newspaper.   

Question 7.Regarding foreign affairs, President Theodore Roosevelt is probably most closely associated with __________. 

  •   preaching conservationism in Central America   
  •   enacting a naval blockade of Venezuela   
  •   visiting multiple European and South American nations   
  •   expanding the U.S. role on the world stage 

Question 8.In 1894 a 40% duty was placed on Cuban sugar coming into America, which was initially meant to __________.

  •   increase U.S. government tax revenues   
  •   spark an uprising in Cuba   
  •   harm the Spanish economy in Cuba   
  •   reverse the error of exempting sugar from tariffs   

Question 9.In World War I, the U-Boat was a: 

  •   US transport ship.   
  •   German submarine.   
  •   British luxury liner.   
  •   French cruise ship.  

Question 10.What happened when Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic? 

  •   She was forced to leave the state for a year.   
  •   She was arrested, which propagated the movement.   
  •   She began to mail contraceptives across the country.   
  •   Anti-birth control activists bombed the clinic.