Multiculturalism in chicago sheena only

First Paper – Ethnographic Report:  By Week 5 you are to complete an Ethnographic Report based on your observations or interviews on issues of diversity and multiculturalism somewhere of your choosing in the Chicago landscape.  You will pose an open, interpretive research question and then take detailed field notes, or conduct formal or informal interviews, or a combination, resulting in a set of ethnographic data you will use to write a brief report on the meaning of your findings.  The paper should be 5 – 7 double-spaced pages in 12 point font, submitted with an additional 5 – 10 pages of field notes, in printed copy in class, and also under Submissions online on D2L.  Guidelines for conducting an Ethnographic Report will be posted on D2L and discussed in class ahead of the deadline, and you are highly encouraged to make use of these recommended readings posted under Course Resources on the process of ethnography:

=  “Fieldnotes in Ethnographic Research,” R. M. Emerson, etal.

=  “The Ethnographic Interview,” James Spradley

=  “Transcript Handling,” Michael Agar