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point font, 1” margins, and double-spacing. Be certain to include your TA’s name on your document heading.

Part  I. Cumulative Essay [50 points]. Please respond to ONE of the two  prompts listed below in a 2.5 – 3 page essay. Be certain to integrate at  least FIVE key terms from the course lectures into your answer:

1.  Please explain the significance of national self- determination in  relation to Imperialism, World War I, and processes of Decolonization.  Be sure to provide at least three distinct geographic examples in your  response.

2.  What international organizations arose in response to World War I, and  what organizations, moreover, emerged in response to World War II? How  effective were these organizations at achieving their stated / charter  enshrined objectives?

Part  II. Second Essay [50 points]. Please write a second short essay of 2.5 –  3 pages responding to the prompt below. As with the cumulative essay,  be certain to integrate at least FIVE key terms from the course:

Using  three specific geographic examples from lecture, write an essay that  explores Cold War tensions between the USSR and the United States. How  did these tensions – in terms of ideology, logistics, and war – extend  beyond the borders of the concerned superpowers?

Extra  Credit (for a total of 2 points): What are Chakrabarty’s four theses?  Each correct identification will be awarded 1⁄2 a point.